Find that precious moment for videos captured with any devices

Find out what you can do with Contenta Video Browser:

Search videos Manage video collection Organize video collection
Overview video collection Find a scene among many videos Bookmark favorite scenes
Upload video clips to Youtube Upload video clips to Facebook Play video collection
Extract short clips from videos Extract thumbnails from videos Extract audio from videos

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A revolutionary video experience
Create summaries and get immediate overview of your video content
Find scenes and moments faster
Zoom in/out and see various level of details of your video (like in Google Earth)
Support various video formats (it depends on the video codecs which are installed on your machine): DivX, Xvid, avi, mpeg, mov, mp4, flv
Play whole videos or just the right moment (with full screen support)
Easily export to still images (one large image or many small ones)
Generate a PDF summarizing the video
Extract short video clips in the easiest way

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More information

Contenta Video Browser is our innovative solution to the problem of video overload. The problem is that it has become so easy to take video snapshots of our lives that it becomes nearly impossible to find what you want to see, because there are so many files and so many hours of videos. Traditional video players do not give you the capability to quickly overview the content of your hundreds of videos, making it even harder to find the minute that you would find interesting.

One key technology has been developed to make this product happen. We call it Intelligent Thumbnails. It is a navigable thumbnail representation of the video called a summary. The summaries can be navigated at various level of details. Yes, exactly like in Google Earth, you can zoom in and zoom out to navigate inside your videos.

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